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ID сервера: 44

Server - crazy-cs -
Site: http://crazy-cs.ru/index.php?p=servers, Language:
Online: 0, Opening Date: 0000-00-00 00:00:00
Switched this month: 284, Views of everything 28, today 1
Game: Counter Strike, Section: cs 1.6, Rates: 32, Votes: 0
Download System Patch:

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Events New Bonus Bonus to the clans Warranty Year

EXP Rate: SP Rate: Adena Rate: Drop Rate:
Spoil Rate: Safe Enchant: Max Enchant:

GM Shop: Events NPC Buffer: New Bonus Global GK: Bonus to the clans Offline Shop: Warranty Year
RB Teleporter: Events Custom Zone: New Bonus Custom Weapon: Bonus to the clans Custom Armor: Warranty Year

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Описание сервера.

Объявляется набор игровых администраторов на сервера

Полное описание сервера.

Код кнопки от сервера - crazy-cs - (88x31).
Анонс игровых серверов 100TOP.NAME

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Already opened by date
Rates: 20 Chronicles: 1.6
Rates: 1 Chronicles: Interlude
Rates: 1 Chronicles: Legion
Rates: 100 Chronicles: WoW
Rates: 9999 Chronicles: MC

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Lost Ark 1
Dragonica 1
Diablo 1
MapleStory 1
Dekaron 1
Cabal Online 1
Final Fantasy 1
Ran Online 1
Call Of Duty 1
Mu Online 1
Flyff Online 1
Metin2 1
4story 1
Grand Chase 1

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